Why Shred Personal Documents?

It’s Accrual World – SHRED It…So They Won’t Get IT

A BIG Thank You to All Who Joined Us for Our Shredding Event!

We were happy to have participants experience peace of mind by having their sensitive, personal documents shredded right in front of them.  Our office collaborated with Husker Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, P.C. to have the shredding truck on site at our office

Why Shred Personal Documents?

A common tactic of identity thieves is digging through trash cans.  Shred sensitive materials to minimize risk.  Before discarding them, cut up expired credit and identification cards, bank and credit card statements you no longer need, charge receipts with your account information, insurance forms, physician bills and the like.

What Materials Should I Shred?

You should shred all sensitive paperwork that includes account numbers, birth dates, passwords, PINs, signatures and Social Security and/or driver’s license numbers.  To protect your privacy, consider other items that include names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.  When in doubt, shred it!

Things You Can Shred

  • Stapled Papers
  • Junk Mail
  • Cards
  • Computer Disks

Things You Can’t

  • Binder clips
  • Folders with Metal Fasteners
  • Electronics
  • Hard Drives

An Identity Thieves’ Wish List


Date of Birth

Social Security Number


Phone Number

Driver’s License

Bank Accounts

Credit Cards


User Names


Maiden Name